CDC Releases Study on Mental Health and Aging of 50-Plusers in America

The State of Mental Health and Aging in America provides current data on six key indicators related to the mental health of adults aged 50 years or older from CDC’s Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS). Additional information is provided on the topic of depression, an important and emerging public health issue. Selected evidence-based programs that communities can use to address this condition in older adults and links to external organizations that focus on late-life... Read More

Over 50 and Looking for Meaning in Your Life?

Peace Corps jobs and other paid and volunteer work abroad combine the opportunity to see the world AND give back…at any age. Find out how you can take part. Read More  Read More

Was Man’s Evolution Driven by the Positively Old?

Did you know that about 32,000 years ago, the number of people surviving into old age quadrupled during a relatively brief period in history? As a result, the population grew, and new ideas began to emerge. Why do we credit healthy aging with the very foundation of human culture? That’s easy. The older folks who lived longer shared their wisdom and experience, so progress could happen faster. And because there were more people, there was more support for chores like raising... Read More

Too Young to Retire?

Many 50-plusers are recognizing they won’t be retiring anytime soon, and some of them actually prefer this. Having the right attitude about retirement can minimize the pressure we feel about our futures. Read More  Read More

Does Sex Come With an Expiration Date?

One writer challenges the belief fostered by the media that sex is only for young people and those with perfect bodies. Can sex over 50 really be better than ever? Here’s at least 5 reasons why it CAN be. Read More  Read More

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