The Positive Power of Choice

Have you ever noticed how you feel more positive about doing something when you get a choice? It’s very empowering to make a decision and own your action. But what if you’re not in control…. The truth is whether we like the choices in front of us or not, we ALWAYS have a choice, and as the keeper of our choices, we are ALWAYS in control. At its most basic level, a choice can be jumping in with both feet, taking a big risk and going... Read More

It’s WAY Too Easy to Be Negative

With the world economy in its current state and stressful media messages barraging us every time we feel like we’re beginning to turn the corner, it’s not always easy to stay positive. So at the risk of being doubly negative, I ask ‘How can we not be negative?’ This was the question I personally faced a couple of days ago while driving through hectic, animosity-ridden Glendale, California. The Mercedes in front of me stopped... Read More

Over 50 and Ready for a Career Change?

Gone are careers that last a lifetime, and guaranteed retirement at 65. With fewer job openings, corporate downsizing and a rapidly changing business landscape, many professionals in their mid-life are preparing for the next stage of their careers. I was privileged this week to sit in on a webinar with seasoned career coach, Jean Erickson Walker, Ed.D. author of “The Age Advantage: Making the Most of Your Midlife Career Transition.” She... Read More

Can Conscious Eating Keep You Conscious Longer?

In a world where multi-tasking is the norm and most of can’t remember what we ate for lunch, no less what it tasted like, is it realistic to think that we can eat in the moment? More importantly, why should we even try? I confess. I eat way too fast. I rarely chew my food adequately. I eat while watching television, working at my computer and talking with my friends. These are all “no no’s” no matter which nutrition and diet... Read More

Hiking: Positively One of the Best Aging Tricks

Hiking can be a great physical workout, enhancing cardiovascular and pulmonary health. But that’s only the beginning of the multiple and diverse benefits that a walk outdoors can provide. Sunday mornings have become my weekly saving grace ever since I began hiking with the girls four years ago. We meet between 7:30 am and 8:00 am and hike for one to two hours depending upon the time of year and our moods. We may follow a strenuous, uphill path... Read More

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