Does Bitter Taste Better With Age?

Have you ever noticed that while children tend to dislike bitter foods like broccoli and spinach, as we get older we tend to prefer bitter foods or at least tolerate them better? Is there a biological reason for this?   My girlfriends and I went to breakfast after our Sunday hike this morning. During our breakfast, we realized that all three of us were enjoying bitter drinks—black coffee and organic, unsweetened tea. While at least one of us... Read More

Swimming for Your Life

Today was the first time in a long time that I actually missed scuba diving, a renewed longing I owe to my swim at the gym. As it turns out. I could owe a lot more to that swim. Perhaps my life even… The water couldn’t have been more perfect. The temperature was just cool enough. The swimmers that were there cleared a comfortable path for me, and before long, I was one of two in the pool. I could feel the water waft around me, caressing... Read More

Over50 and Tech-Savvy 2: RU?

If you’re over 50 and don’t own at least a cell phone or a computer, this article is for you. Love it or hate it, technology helps you connect with friends, family and information no matter what age you are. You need to participate. My significant other, a truck driver/owner by trade, was 58 years old when he finally touched a computer. He’s extremely mechanical and research-oriented, so I knew he would love it once he got his feet wet. Between... Read More

Over50 and Tech-Savvy

Technology use is growing by mind-blowing percentages each year. Cell phones and computers are fast-becoming necessities of everyday life. Many over 50 have recognized this trend and are embracing the future. In the mid-80s, my father, already retired and in his mid-60s, got into personal computers. He had no real reason to learn them, and they weren’t as fast or as friendly as they are nowadays. Still, he joined a users group, read the books and... Read More

Age Positively – Prevent Pain Safely

Pain can immobilize us and prevent us from enjoying life at any age. And so can pain medications. What are the best ways to prevent pain without long-term complications? In an episode of Dr. Oz a week ago (yes, I admit I am a proud, out-of-the-closet fan!), the doctor and his esteemed guests discussed the prescription drug epidemic sweeping the nation. “Hollywood’s widely publicized addiction problem has hit home. Prescriptions drugs... Read More

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