Reduce Lower Back Pain

Back RX is a 15-minute-a-day yoga and Pilates program to end low back pain. It’s easy to use with three levels of difficulty. Written by a sport medicine specialist at the Hospital for Special Surgery who also serves as a professor at Cornell University Medical Center in Manhattan, the book is guided by a firm understanding of how the body works. And you don’t need to be a yogi or a dancer in order to perform the exercises. Breathing... Read More

Brain Fitness

This 207-page report tracks developments at over thirty public and private companies offering digital tools to assess, enhance and repair brain-based cognitive and self-regulation functions and provides important industry data, insights and analysis to help investors, executives, entrepreneurs and policy makers navigate the opportunities and risks of this rapidly growing field. Click here to learn more….  Read More

Green Tea – The Miracle Beverage

Other than water, you’d be hardpressed to come across any beverage with the health benefits or rave reviews of green tea. With over 4,000 years of positive testimonials, it’s got some tried and true field research behind it that’s unlikely to be refuted next week. This miraculous beverage has been credited with preventing cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, high cholesterol, cardiovascular disease, infection and a weakened immune system.... Read More

Need Relief From Muscle or Joint Pain?

Sonic Relief™ is a pain therapy system that uses a portable medical-grade ultrasound device to relieve pain and promote healing. For less than $200, you can try it risk-free. It has no known side effects. This simple solution has been around for sixty years, but until recently it has only been available in a doctor’s office. Find out how Sonic Relief can help minimize your pain. Share suggestions for products and solutions to help keep us... Read More

Getting Rid of That Old ‘Pain in the Neck’

No, I don’t mean your mother-in-law or your husband. I’m talking about that ubiquitous agony that torments your body after a stressful day at the office or a traumatic accident from the preceding decade. Read More  Read More

A Daily Dose of Healthy Aging

We take our vitamins, we refill our drug prescriptions, and we try to cram in a few hours of exercise each week and a special anti-aging treatment or two each month. So where’s the bottle of successful aging? Read More  Read More

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