How to Live Forever (Movie) – Results May Vary

In this humorous documentary on aging released in 2009, the director takes a look at society’s evolving attitudes towards aging. Here’s the review on this award-winning documentary from the New York Times.  Read More

Does Bitter Taste Better With Age?

Have you ever noticed that while children tend to dislike bitter foods like broccoli and spinach, as we get older we tend to prefer bitter foods or at least tolerate them better? Is there a biological reason for this? Read More  Read More

Snickers – 85 and Paws-itively Old

My cat Snickers turned 17 in June. That makes her 85 in people years. Most animals, can be positively old just like we can, but since so many of their choices are left to someone else, they need a little help from their humans. Read More  Read More

Florida Marlins Manager Jack is Back at 80

I was at the World Series in Florida in 2003 when Jack took the Marlins all the way. Can he do the same again at 80? Baseball is certainly waiting to find out whether a healthy AND experienced manager can turn the team around. Watch the CBS Evening News Clip Here June 21, 2011 ESPN Coverage  Read More

Reduce Lower Back Pain

Back RX is a 15-minute-a-day yoga and Pilates program to end low back pain. It’s easy to use with three levels of difficulty. Written by a sport medicine specialist at the Hospital for Special Surgery who also serves as a professor at Cornell University Medical Center in Manhattan, the book is guided by a firm understanding of how the body works. And you don’t need to be a yogi or a dancer in order to perform the exercises. Breathing is the key component, and by virture... Read More

Eat Clean for Good Health

Try the “Eat Clean Diet” created by body builder and fitness model, Tosca Reno, my hero. The program revolves around treating your body right with home-cooked meals with quality ingredients that support your health and vitality. More of a lifestyle than a diet, it’s really about eating the way that nature intended. Tosca Reno has published several cookbooks demonstrating how tasty and healthy this way of eating can be, offering real food choices without any... Read More

Swimming for Your Life

Today was the first time in a long time that I actually missed scuba diving, a renewed longing I owe to my swim at the gym. As it turns out. I could owe a lot more to that swim. Perhaps my life even… Read More  Read More

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